GRANITI & CO is a company with long experience not only in Kosovo, but also in production and sales of construction products

Today Graniti & CO has several factories where it develops several activities within it:
The Paint and lacquer Factory – where today we have a wide range of products such as: Decorative Facade, Facade and Silicone Color, Tiles and Polystyrene Adhesives, Waterproofing, Indoor and Outdoor Colors, and many other products.


Paying special attention to the quality of the products, we made great investments in the construction of the stone mine, where the stone is extracted, selected and processed as a raw material for our products.

Almost in the same period, our investments continued in the stone processing plant in microgranules and granules of different sizes and types that also serve as raw material for the production process.

And finally we made a promise to our customers, the most modern production plant for polystyrene products in the region, where for the first time we have the most quality products of the thermal insulation system, white polisterol and ash color, polystyrene panels laminated for central heating system and polystyrene decorations for use in indoor environments.

For the modern technological process and quality products, the fact of certification is well proven and now the whole production process is based on European Standards </ em> ISO 9001-2008 ISO 14001-2004 (environmental protection) and CE standards in manufactured products.

And this shows that since the beginning of the activity we have been and continue to remain and apply high and strict standards in environmental protection in the production process respecting ecological norms from the selection of raw materials to final products and with this even offering clean and ecological products.